When choosing the right design for your patio umbrella, there are numerous features that need to be taken into consideration. Resilience to strong winds is certainly one of the most important umbrella characteristics.

Standard umbrella canopy, without wind-resistance technology results in canopy being pushed in by the gusts of wind, and leaves the hot air trapped under the umbrella

So, one of the first things we discuss with our customers, before choosing an umbrella model, is whether they would benefit from a wind resistant umbrella. Even though all our umbrellas are constructed to withstand a certain amount of wind, there is a reason why EdenGarden’s approach to wind resistant umbrellas is in a whole different league. Lastly, the question remains – what exactly makes EdenGarden umbrellas resistant to the destructive wind blasts?

The secret is in our patented anti-wind canopy construction, called the Split Solution® system, that offers some incredible improvements over earlier wind resistant umbrella designs. And the best part is, while the sophisticated appearance of our umbrella models remains the same with Split Solution® system, their primary function gets further enhanced.

What is different with Split Solution®?

Almost all patio umbrellas are made with a raised valve that allows the wind to pass through the canopy and get out at the top. But in areas with particularly strong winds, this vent is not nearly enough to stop the umbrella from snapping, braking or even flying away. In contrast, along with the raised valve, canopies with Split Solution® system are made out of large fabric strips that are sewntogether in an overlapping pattern. This construction technique separates the canopy into multiple layers, allowing the air to go through the layers without making any damage to the umbrella.

With Split Solution® wind-resistance technology, umbrella can withstand powerful gusts of wind, as well as allow the hot air to escape, providing chilling effect under the umbrella

Tests performed using the wind engineering mechanisms showed that when the strong wind current forces the air into a regular umbrella, it catches the canopy and pushes it up or down, leaving it exposed to higher gusts of wind. With Split Solution® system the air is equally distributed against the canopy and moves in-between the layers without obstruction, effectively decreasing the air resistance against the canopy. Umbrellas with Split Solution® are resistant to wind speeds of up to 90km/h (55mph) and the dreaded “sail effect” that happens to so many umbrellas is put to an end.

Furthermore, this innovative approach with multiple fabric layers improves the air circulation through the canopy, which provides light breeze and enhanced chill sensation, making it a pleasant stay under the umbrella during even the hottest of summer days.

So, the next time you think about wind resistant umbrella, think about Split Solution®, and make no doubt that it will protect your umbrella in any given outdoor setting!