Development of high-quality umbrellas mandates continuous innovations and addition of new features.


The grounding of an each umbrella is the base we build upon. To ensure the maximum stability of our massive umbrellas, we turn to reliable and dense materials. 

Other customized base designs are available to our customers upon request!


We offer three types of bases for our umbrellas, which are all custom designed and crafted to fit any size, shape and location of the umbrella.

Concrete bases are made of four concrete blocks that are stacked onto each other (stratified system). Each block measures 50x50x12 cm and weighs 65kg, so the overall weight of a single base is 250 kg. For larger umbrellas, concrete bases can be layered together to create larger bases weighing 500 kg, 750 kg and up to 1000 kg. we can also make base covers that hide the concrete base and that can be used as tables or sitting area.

For Fiesole and Ciak models we use round concrete base, that are 60-80 cm in diameter and weighing 50-120 kg, depending on the size of the umbrella.

Upon customer’s request, all umbrellas can be made with a metal base instead of concrete.


Anchors are available in two varieties:
in-ground and wall anchoring.

Inground anchor is installed in all our bases and it can be made in different sizes, depending on the size of the umbrella used. While other manufacturers usually use one bolt in the inground anchor, we secure the anchor with four bolts so the umbrella is strongly fixed in the place and stays stable.

For umbrellas from our Steel Line (Talento Steel and Gemelli Steel) we can use wall bracket, so the umbrella can be mounted on the wall without using a ground base. This is especially useful when you want to save space or use the umbrella on a yacht.


The durable skeleton of an umbrella is enriched by various features and cutting-edge solutions that set EdenGarden products apart from the competition.


Carefully picked materials can withstand harsh conditions.

The ribs are made from solid wood or from reinforced and furnace painted aluminum and are strengthened with stainless steel bolts to ensure maximum strength.

For strong load-bearing beams, we use steel and Iroko wood, which are the most suitable materials for outdoor use. Alternatively, our beams can be made from furnace painted or mirror polished stainless steel.


Winch is a simple machine that allows you to effortlessly control your umbrella.

Low winch is the standard opening/closing mechanism that is used on most of our umbrellas. It provides easy access to one of the main features of our umbrellas, and it is built on a reliable mechanism that is effortless to use.

High winch, also know as anti-vandalism winch, is installed closer to the canopy and is specific to lateral pole umbrellas. We recommend it for umbrellas that are used in crowded public spaces, thus keeping the winch out of reach


Sophisticated simple machines.

Fiesole and Ciak models can be built with double pulley opening system. The system utilizes rope that is double in length, which makes it far easier to open the umbrella.

All components are made out of AISI 316 stainless steel.


Our umbrellas can follow the sun and provide shade wherever needed.

All our lateral pole umbrellas can be rotated 360°, so they can follow the shade all day.

Gemelli Steel can also be rotated 180°.

The rotating mechanism is incorporated in the base of the umbrella, made from reinforced, round, iron pole.


The most recognizable part of each umbrella is enhanced both functionally and aesthetically with rich featureset.


Patented design for wind resistance.

The SPLIT SOLUTION® is a patented anti-wind system with six overlapping fabrics strips that help put an end to the “sail effect” caused by wind blowing against the canopy. The waterproof characteristics of the fabric of the umbrella remain unchanged, and improved air circulation enhances the chill sensation during hot summer days.
The sophisticated design gives the exclusive EdenGarden umbrellas a refined look and enhances their primary function as an essential accessory for the best outdoor spaces.


Our patented rain gutter mechanism is used to connect neighboring canopies and provides complete rain protection of the area under the cover.

The rain gutter is bound to the canopy by Velcro, which has proven to work better than zippers or any other fastening systems. We use only certified Velcro, manufactured in England by COATS, which is the world-leading company for ropes and Velcros.

Velcro is sawn along the edge of the canopy and put on a different-size curtains that can be used as side panels for the umbrellas.


Our exquisite umbrellas wear the crown worth of king.

The part of our umbrellas that we are particularly proud of is the crown, which is made of steel, and zinc-plated/furnace-painted for additional durability and resistance.

Uniqueness lies in the fact that each rib is connected to the crown by an independent stainless-steel bolt, which is why each rib can be easily replaced if necessary, without the need to dissemble the whole umbrella. 


Raised valves are built on top of the canopy to allow the wind to pass through the canopy, protecting the umbrella from gushes of wind.

What sets our raised valve apart, is that it is made as a small, independent umbrella on top of the canopy, thus allowing the valve fabric to stay separated from the canopy, no matter from which side the wind is blowing. Valves that are not built this way tend to get stuck to the canopy when the wind blows, thus losing its purpose.


Open and closed – beautiful shapes all around!

For Fiesole and Big Friend models we can use telescopic mechanism with two sliding crowns. When closing the canopy, the umbrella goes up and there is no need to move the furniture under the umbrella in order to close it.

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